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Patrick Kearney

Patrick Kearney

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia


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Patrick began practising Buddhist meditation in Sri Lanka in 1976. Back home in Australia, he joined the Sydney Zen Group (now the Sydney Zen Centre) in 1977. He practised with the group until 1980, when he went to Hawaii for two years to continue his Zen study under Robert Aitken Roshi of the Diamond Sangha. He has recently returned to Zen study, guided by Paul Maloney, an apprentice teacher in the
Diamond Sangha.

In 1982 Patrick began travelling through Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, living and practising in monasteries and ashrams, and visiting holy places associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. A major influence at this time was Christopher Titmuss, through his winter retreats in Bodh Gaya. Patrick has recently renewed his connection with Christopher through the Insight Teachers Circle of Australia(ITCA), and regards him as a mentor.

In 1984 Patrick left India to visit Myanmar where he met Sayadaw U Pandita, then the head monk at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha (or Mahasi Centre, as it is known in English) in Yangon. This was a major turning point for him as he began intensive practice of satipatthana vipassana (insight meditation) in the Mahasi style, with U Pandita as his primary teacher. At this time he met John Hale who also, over time, became a primary teacher for him.

Back in Australia, in 1985 Patrick became a founding member of the Buddha Sasana Association of Australia (which now owns and operates the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre), and helped bring Sayadaw U Pandita to Australia for his first teaching tour. He also began studying Sanskrit. In 1986 Patrick returned to Myanmar and ordained as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha under
Sayadaw U Pandita. He continued intensive insight meditation practice and began the study of Pali. In 1987 he moved to Thailand, where he continued his study and practice. A major influence at this time was Ajahn Buddhadasa of Wat Suan Mokh, in southern Thailand, who inspired him with an interest in paticcasamuppada (dependent arising) that continues to this day. He also began to train in insight meditation with Sayadaw U Janaka of Chanmyay Yeiktha during this period.

Disrobing and returning to Australia in late 1989 as a layman, Patrick studied Sanskrit at the Australian National University and in 1994 obtained a B.Lit. in Religious Studies externally from Deakin University. During this period he began teaching meditation.

In 1995 he returned to Myanmar for six months of intensive insight meditation practice, mainly under Sayadaw U Janaka.