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Dr. Mehn Tin Mon

Dr. Mehn Tin Mon

International Buddha Sasana Centres
Yangon, Myanmar

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Prof Dr. Mehn Tin Mon (Dr Mon) is a scholar in chemistry as well as in Buddhism. He combined science teaching with social religious activities throughout his university teaching career for 36 years.

After retiring as Professor of Chemistry, he became an Advisor to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and visiting Professor in International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon.

He has been actively engaged with reading, writing and teaching. He has written 20 educational books and 30 books on Buddhism.

He has conducted over 200 Abhidhamma classes in Myanmar, USA and Japan. He has also delivered many lectures on Buddhism and meditation.

He is also the President of International Buddha Sasana Centres (Pa Auk Forest Retreats) where Samatha and Vipassana Meditation is practised in detailed as taught by the Buddha.