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Seventy Three Kinds of Knowledge
By Ven. Nyanadassana, Bhikkhu

Since these knowledges are,as a Summary,very briefly stated,the present translation has explanatory notes in order to facilitate the reader understand them, at least intellectually, more easily. These explanations are based on the Pañisambhidà-magga, the Visuddhi-magga and their corresponding Commentaries, and their references are clearly distinguished. The translation of each knowledge
is repeated in the Notes, in bold, for convenient reading.
The Pali is repeated too, albeit in reduced font-size.

Due to the limited scope of this booklet as an 'Introduction' to these knowledges, and the explanations focusing on only not easily understood technical terms, the reader is advised to refer to the above books for more elaborate details and explanations.

E-Books - English : [867 KB]