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04_Inspiration.mp34. Joy, Peace and Love (Songs)1063 viewsNov 11, 2013
03_Inspiration.mp33. All of Mankind (Songs)907 viewsNov 11, 2013
02_Inspiration.mp32. We Are True Disciples (Songs)967 viewsNov 11, 2013
01_Inspiration.mp31. Golden Chain Of Love (Songs)1556 viewsThe Buddha is the greatest role model in the history of mankind. As the Exalted One, His boundless love is in comparable to any other. He is the All-knowing One with the ability to communicate even the most complex concept in the universe into simple and easily understood phrases. Endowed with knowledge and virtue, the Buddha reminds us to against perpetrating any unwholesome deeds and encourages us to perform wholesome deeds. With firm morals, the mind can then be set free from all forms of distractions. Nov 11, 2013
Illuminating_Path_Enlightenment.pdfIlluminating the Path to Enlightenment2584 viewsIn this book, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gives a commentary to not only Atisha's revolutionary work but also to Lines of Experience, a short text written by Lama Tsong Khapa, who was perhaps the greatest of all Tibetan lam-rim authors. In bringing together Atisha, Lama Tsong Khapa and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this book offers readers one of the clearest and most authoritative expositions of the Tibetan Buddhist path ever published, and it is recommended for those at the beginning of the path, the middle and the end. This is the first time a major teaching by the Dalai Lama has been published for free distribution.Nov 10, 2013
10Metta_Meditation.mp3Metta Meditation910 viewsLoving-kindness MeditationNov 09, 2013
09Mindfulness_Modern_Living-Pt2.MP3Mindfulness in Modern Living (Part 1)1182 viewsIntegrating Mindfulness into Daily Life Nov 09, 2013
08Mindfulness_Modern_Living-P1.MP3Mindfulness in Modern Living (Part 2)1332 viewsIntegrating Mindfulness into Daily Life Nov 09, 2013
07Purpose_Meaning_Life.mp3The Purpose and Meaning of Life5079 viewsFinding purpose and meaning in lifeNov 09, 2013
25_Vesak_Track.mp325. Ancient Path541 viewsNov 09, 2013
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