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Image search results - " Latent Tendencies"
06_Minds-latent-tendencies.mp3(6) The Mind's Latent Tendencies2050 viewsHere we are dealing with the mind's unwholesome predispositions and how to work with them from the point of view of meditation practices, epsecially Vipassana meditation.
x22.mp3The Mind’s Latent Tendencies 655 viewsHere we are dealing with the mind's negative latent tendencies. Unfortunately it is not so uncommon that many people experience these ingrained unwholesome patterns of mind that are harmful to their wellbeing and don’t seem to know how to work with them. However, while we have to acknowledge that although it is not an easy matter, it is possible through Vipassana meditation to detoxify the mind just as it is possible to detoxify the body.
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