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Image search results - "Consciousness"
03_mahatanhasankhaya.pdf03 Dependent Arising: Nature of Consciousness2946 viewsContinuing to examine the nature of consciousness and related themes, such as its relationship to identity and insight.
12_Kamma_Aggacitta.mp312. What is consciousness?755 viewsTo what extent do we believe in kamma? The fine line between fatalism and belief in kamma. An edited Dhamma discourse given by Ven. Ayasama Aggacitta - with Q & A
File12_(AM)_Contemplating_citta.mp3Contemplating Citta849 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

This morning we are looking at how we can track the state of our citta. Citta is a key technical term used by the Buddha. It could be translated as “mind,” “heart,” “heart-mind,” or even “soul,” in the non-theological sense of that word. In the context of our practice, citta represents our inner state; how we are, at this time. It is intimately connected to the body, and is in a state of constant change. While the state of our citta may be quite subtle, often we are moved to contemplate it when we find ourselves disturbed by emotion. Here we discuss using emotion as a meditation object.
Track07_Reflecting_on_Consciousness_17_Jul_2001_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Reflecting on Consciousness697 views
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