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Most viewed - Vipassana & Loving-kindness Meditation
Loving-kIndness_Meditation.mp3Loving-kindness Meditation708 viewsLoving-kindness Meditation, Metta Bhavana
File11_Practising_not-self.mp3Practising Not-Self705 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

We continue with Anattalakkhana Sutta (Characteristics of not-self), seeing not-self (anatta) as a practice rather than as a doctrine. This practice revolves around the fundamental turning point of nibbida, “disenchantment.” From disenchantment comes liberation, through the “just-this-ness” (tathata) of experience.
File12_(AM)_Contemplating_citta.mp3Contemplating Citta695 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

This morning we are looking at how we can track the state of our citta. Citta is a key technical term used by the Buddha. It could be translated as “mind,” “heart,” “heart-mind,” or even “soul,” in the non-theological sense of that word. In the context of our practice, citta represents our inner state; how we are, at this time. It is intimately connected to the body, and is in a state of constant change. While the state of our citta may be quite subtle, often we are moved to contemplate it when we find ourselves disturbed by emotion. Here we discuss using emotion as a meditation object.
x22.mp3The Mind’s Latent Tendencies 675 viewsHere we are dealing with the mind's negative latent tendencies. Unfortunately it is not so uncommon that many people experience these ingrained unwholesome patterns of mind that are harmful to their wellbeing and don’t seem to know how to work with them. However, while we have to acknowledge that although it is not an easy matter, it is possible through Vipassana meditation to detoxify the mind just as it is possible to detoxify the body.
File13_Preparing_the_fire.mp3Preparing the Fire668 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

Tonight we follow the Buddha from Baranasi back to the area where he practised before his awakening, the Nerañjara River near Gaya. First, at Baranasi, the Buddha awakens Yasa, the son of a rich banker. This is the first time the Buddha awakens a lay person, proving the dharma can be understood by the laity as well as by professional ascetics; and the first time the Buddha gives a “graduated discourse,” which becomes the basic template of his teaching method. Yet this is not counted as the third teaching. Why not?

After his successes in Baranasi the Buddha goes alone to visit Uruvela Kassapa, the important head of an order of dreadlocks ascetics. He spends at least a month performing miracles to convert Kassapa and his followers. Why was Kassapa so important? Finally the Buddha leads the newly converted ascetics to Gayasisa, near Gaya, to give them the third teaching, Adittapariyaya Sutta (Burning …).
huxter_mindful_standing_and_walking.mp3Mindful Standing and Walking647 viewsMindful Standing and Walking, provides simple instructions for mindful standing and walking. It is very slow. After the listener is familiar with the instructions they can then apply them to faster walking without the aid of the audio file.
5.mp3Guidelines for the Practice639 viewsPracticing Vipassana 05: Guidelines for the Practice
x77.mp3Keeping the Practice in Balance627 viewsGenerally, when difficulties are encountered in the meditation practice they often are caused by an imbalance in the meditation skills. Maintaining your balance in meditation is a matter of harmonising the three meditation skills of the Buddha's 8-Fold Path: right effort or application, right mindfulness or attentiveness, and intensifying the attentiveness that leads to right concentration.
4.mp3The Interview - What to Report624 viewsPracticing Vipassana 04: What to Report in an Interview.
8.mp3Taking the Practice Home624 viewsPracticing Vipassana: 08: Taking the Practice Home
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