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Top rated - The Vipassana Retreat - Ven. Pannyavaro
05_Working-with-thinking-pain.mp3(5) Working with Thinking and Pain2384 viewsWorking with Thinking and Pain in meditation, explains how to relate to pain and the ability to handle the "Thinking Mind" skilfully.44444
(13 votes)
02_Orientation-to-practice.mp3(2) Orientation to the Practice2875 viewsOrientation to the Practice of Vipassana Meditation is guidance on how to adjust to and conduct oneself in a retreat environment.33333
(15 votes)
04_Basic-instructions.mp3(4) The Basic Instructions2803 viewsThe Basic Instructions are given in four areas of practice: formal sitting, awareness of movement in walking, and clear comprehension during ones daily activities. 33333
(8 votes)
01_Introduction.mp3(1) Introduction6532 viewsThis series of audio files are from Ven. Pannyavaro's book: "The Vipassana Retreat". Pannyavaro is the resident monk and teacher at the Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery,Tullera, NSW Australia. This is the introduction to the Vipassana Retreat, which describes the supportive conditions of a retreat centre, etc.33333
(27 votes)
03_Framework-for-practice.mp3(3) Framework for the Practice2568 viewsThe Framework for the Practice is based on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta): Body, Feelings, Mind States, and Mind Objects.33333
(13 votes)
07_Clearly-knowing-daily-activities.mp3(7) Clearly Knowing Daily Activities1945 viewsClearly Knowing Daily Activities requires one to have full knowledge of what one is doing as one is doing it - i.e. having present moment awareness.33333
(5 votes)
08_Paying-attention-feelings.mp3(8) Paying Attention to Feelings2550 viewsThe Buddha said: "All things converge in Feelings", so paying attention to feelings, whether they are pleasant, unpleasant or indifferent is the is the primary focus in Vipassana meditation.33333
(16 votes)
11_Support-loving-kindness.mp3(11) The Support of Loving-Kindness1678 viewsLoving-kindness as a concentration based meditation is used to uplift and sweeten the mind, which compliments the Vipassana practice. 33333
(6 votes)
06_Minds-latent-tendencies.mp3(6) The Mind's Latent Tendencies2050 viewsHere we are dealing with the mind's unwholesome predispositions and how to work with them from the point of view of meditation practices, epsecially Vipassana meditation.
(6 votes)
10_At-six-sense-doors.mp3(10) At the Six-Sense Doors2087 viewsThis is an orientation to Sense Doors or sense spheres: i.e. the five senses as well as the mind itself.22222
(11 votes)
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