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x11.mp3Difficulties Facing Meditators - and How To Work With Them1007 viewsWhile they can be challenging, the problems and difficulties that one comes across in meditation practice can work to one’s advantage, as they are 'workable'. As in life, what we experience as difficulties in meditation can be the cause of growth in the Dharma. This series of talks offers practical advice on how to work with common difficulties face by meditators.
x22.mp3The Mind’s Latent Tendencies 846 viewsHere we are dealing with the mind's negative latent tendencies. Unfortunately it is not so uncommon that many people experience these ingrained unwholesome patterns of mind that are harmful to their wellbeing and don’t seem to know how to work with them. However, while we have to acknowledge that although it is not an easy matter, it is possible through Vipassana meditation to detoxify the mind just as it is possible to detoxify the body.
x33.mp3Stress Reduction through Vipassana Meditation775 viewsWhat are you going to do about one's stress levels? Maybe you can choose to opt out of the rat race or perhaps retire to the countryside, the ‘tree change’. However, we don’t have to do any of these; we don’t have to remove ourselves from the situation and circumstances we happen to be in. The intelligent way to handle an out of control situation that is creating stress is to use skilful means such as meditation practices to manage the mind and one’s reactions.
x44.mp3Working with Feelings and Emotions775 viewsIt is difficult for a meditator to make progress in Vipassana meditation until he or she has come to terms with feelings and emotions, as the practice itself, at least in the early stages, can bring up intense and persistent feelings and their associated emotions. So this talk deals with how to work with your feelings and emotions in meditation.
x55.mp3Working with Thinking and Pain765 viewsAt the beginning of the practice at least, a lot of meditators are much troubled by their thoughts as well as painful body sensations. Pain from the sitting posture is workable, as the cause comes from not being accustomed to the crossed legged sitting posture. Thinking is more of a challenge, as it requires patience and skill to come to terms with it.
x66.mp3Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life936 viewsA basic skill in Vipassana meditation is to acquire the ability to give full and sustained attention or mindfulness to what you are doing as you are doing it; yet we rarely, if ever, give anything our full attention, at best it is just partial attention. While most practitioners can establish mindfulness in the supportive conditions of a retreat the challenge then is to integrate mindfulness into daily life.
x77.mp3Keeping the Practice in Balance824 viewsGenerally, when difficulties are encountered in the meditation practice they often are caused by an imbalance in the meditation skills. Maintaining your balance in meditation is a matter of harmonising the three meditation skills of the Buddha's 8-Fold Path: right effort or application, right mindfulness or attentiveness, and intensifying the attentiveness that leads to right concentration.
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