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Buddhist eLibrary Feature: Buddhist Studies
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The Buddhist eLibrary has been setup to support the study and practice of the Buddha´s Teachings in all Buddhist traditions. As the eLibrary develops we hope eventually to include the cultures and languages they represent as well.

Therefore, we seek your ongoing involvement and support in developing this resource so that the eLibrary can comprehensively cater for all who use its resources, whether for academic use or just general interest.

We do not charge or restrict the use of the content, so whether you are new to the Buddha´s Teachings or wish to expand your knowledge, please feel free to make use of the material that is offered.

How you can contibute content to the Buddhist eLibrary

If you wish to contribute content to the Buddhist eLibrary we are always on the lookout for high quality Buddhist content. We need images, eBooks, audio files and videos. We are looking for content in English, Thai, Chinese, Portugese and Spanish. We are also interested in recruiting regular contributors as well. If you wish to help, please contact the eLibrary co-ordinator: Ven. Pannyavaro

How you can make a donation

To make a financial contribution toward keeping the eLibrary running, please use the donation form

Social Networking

The Buddhist eLibrary is on the social networks Face Book and Twitter, plese like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter to recieve updates and news about the Buddhist eLibrary.

Feel free to contact the eLibrary co-ordinator: Ven. Pannyavaro

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Category Albums Files
eBook Library
Buddhist PilgrimageGuide books to Buddhist Pilgrimage
1 4
Basic Buddhist TeachingsA collection of core Buddhist teachings, mostly of a contemporary nature.
6 55
Buddhist StudiesThe Monastic Community, Buddhist Art, Culture, and History.
3 15
Buddhist MeditationSamatha (Calm Abiding) Vipassana (Insight) Loving-kindness (Metta Bhavana) Ch'an (Zen) Meditation.
3 24
Vipassana - Insight Meditation
3 32
Samadhi - Serenity Meditation
1 7
Theravada TextsSuttas, Vinaya, Abhidhamma, Biographies, Pali Studies, Precepts and Commentaries.
10 127
Mahayana TextsSutras, Zen Buddhist text, Pureland, Korean, Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism.
4 65
Vajrayana TextsTibetan Buddhist Teachings.
1 5
Buddhist Childrens BooksJataka Buddhist Tales, Dhammapada and other Buddhist children's literature.
1 13
Audio Library
Dhamma Talks and TeachingsTheravada, Mahayana, and Tibetan Buddhist Teachings. An Introductory Course on Buddhism. Abhidhamma Enquiry. Belief in Kamma. Commentary on the Sallekha Sutta.
11 199
Vipassana & Loving-kindness MeditationVipassana (Insight) & Loving-kindness (Metta) Meditation as well as Guided Meditations.
10 99
Devotional and Sutta ChantingTheravada devotional and Pali Sutta Chanting. Mahayana: Pureland chanting. Vietnamese and Chinese chanting. Tibetan Devotional Chanting.
4 70
Buddhist SongsBuddhist Songs: Devotional, Inspirational, and for the Marriage Ceremony.
4 72
Image Library
The SanghaDocumentary Photos by Friedrich Reg
1 95
Bhutan, Buddhist Himalayan KingdomVen. S. Dhammika's photographs of Buddhist Bhutan.
1 63
Tibetan Buddhist ThangkasA collection of Thangkas, the 21 Taras and Sacred Symbols.
3 37
Tibetan Buddhist Line ArtA Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Line Drawings.
1 38
Chinese Buddhist ImagesImages of Amithabha and the Bodhisattvas. Modern Chinese Buddhist images; The 18 Lohans.
3 50
Thai Temple Paintings: The Life of the BuddhaA series of Thai temple wall paintings depicting the Buddha's life story.
1 32
Thai Buddhist StatuesA comprehensive collection of photographs of Thai Buddhist Statues.
1 12
The Ten Oxherding PicturesThe Ten Oxherding Pictures relate back to a Ch'an master in the Sung dynasty China, have spiritual roots in the early Buddhist texts.
1 11
The Sacred LotusA collection of photographs of the Sacred Lotus.
1 12
Video Library
2 3
Buddhist Videos"Chief" - A three part documentary on the life of Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda. Matthieu Ricard: "Habits of Happiness".
1 5
The Jataka Tales SeriesSeries of 3: Bhuriddhata (the Naga Prince) Jataka; VacheeKama Jataka; Vidhura-Pandita Jataka.
(Thai with Chinese and English subtitles)
3 67
Bodhi Tree Forest MonasteryVideos of Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery, Tullera, NSW Australia.
1,212 files in 82 albums and 30 categories with 0 comments viewed 2,716,253 times

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