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Last additions - Dhamma Talks and Teachings
Sallekha_Sutta_04_IV_Mahasi_Sayadaw_p24-31.mp3Sallekha Sutta - A Discourse on the Refinement of Character705 views4. Jhana in Vipassana

Sallekha Sutta by Mahasi Sayadaw, Translated by U Aye Maung (read by Ven. Rakkhita)
Oct 22, 2013
Sallekha_Sutta_02_II-inc-Views-Mahasi_Sayadaw_p1-10.mp3Sallekha Sutta - A Discourse on the Refinement of Character810 views2. Introduction to the Sallekha Sutta, by U Aye Maung.

Sallekha Sutta by Mahasi Sayadaw, Translated by U Aye Maung (read by Ven. Rakkhita)
Oct 22, 2013
Sallekha_Sutta_01_I_Mahasi_Sayadaw_Contents.mp3Sallekha Sutta - A Discourse on the Refinement of Character1110 views1. The Contents . . .

This is a series of talks which the late Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw gave on the Sallekha Sutta. It is an elaboration of an important teaching of the Buddha in the Majjhima nikaya. In his introduction to the sutta the Ven. Sayadaw says: "The self-training leading to the goal forms the subject of the Sallekha sutta. The sutta is beneficial to meditators and non-meditators alike; it is helpful to all those who wish to overcome immoral desires and cultivate good and wholesome desires.
Oct 22, 2013
Track08_Awakened_Awarenes_And_Saying_Goodbye_26_Feb_2002_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Awakened Awareness And Saying Goodbye600 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track09_Comitment_to_Delusion_-_Mahga_Puja_26_Feb_2002_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Commitment to Delusion - Magha Puja665 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track06_Dont_Take_It_Personally_21_Sep_2000_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Don't Take It Personally609 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track07_Reflecting_on_Consciousness_17_Jul_2001_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Reflecting on Consciousness609 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track05_The_End_of_Suffering_is_Now_02_Feb_2001_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3The End of Suffering is Now!622 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track04_Listening_to_the_Sound_of_Silence_1999_Ajahn_Sumedho.mp3Listening to the Sound of Silence700 viewsSep 26, 2013
Track03_Suffering_Should_Be_Welcomed_-_Suffering_Has_Been_Welcome.mp3Suffering Should be Welcome - Suffering Has Been Welcome759 viewsSep 26, 2013
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