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BuHinSonShin~1.pdfBU HIN SON SHIN DO-RO-NI1349 viewsSarva Durgati Pariśodhana Uṣnīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī
All Bad-conditions Purifying [Buddha]-Crown Victory Prayer.
Oct 19, 2014
artliv12.pdf4090 viewsOct 19, 2014
Bonsho.pdfBONSHO1935 viewsText for Bowing to Bonsho, un-role mat, do x3 Prostrations.Oct 19, 2014
Shobogenzo.pdfThe Shobogenzo 2026 viewsA new translation of a Zen classic. The Shōbōgenzō is the recognized spiritual masterpiece by the thirteenth century Japanese Sōtō Zen Master Eihei Dōgen. It is comprised of discourses that he gave to his disciples, in person or in writing, at various times between 1231 and his death twenty-two years later at age fifty-three. These discourses cover a wide range of topics pertinent to those in monastic life though often also relevant to those training in lay life. He discusses matters of daily behaviour and religious ceremonial as well as issues involving the Master-disciple relationship. He also explores the deeper meaning that informs the so-called Zen kōan stories, which often puzzle readers by their seeming illogicality and contrary nature.Nov 16, 2013
beingssutra.pdfThe Sutra on the Eight Realizations3682 views"The content of The Sutra on the Eight Realizations is grounded in both Mahayana and Theravada viewpoints. Please treasure this Sutra. When I was seventeen, and in my first year of novice studies at a Buddhist Monastery, I had to study and memorize it. This enabled me to easily combine the meaning of the Sutra with meditation of breath counting. From this period until now, 44 years have passed and this Sutra is still an invaluable torch lighting my path. Today I have the opportunity to present it to you. I am grateful to this deep and miraculous Sutra. I join my hands and respectfully recite, "Homage to the precious Sutra on the Eight Realizations." Nov 16, 2013
Nagarjuna-upaya.pdfNāgārjuna and the Philosophy of Upāya 1713 viewsThe purpose of this article is to offer a different account of Nāgārjuna than is found in contemporary Western scholarship. It will not ask what it means for causality, truth, the self, or consciousness to be "empty" in a very general sense, but rather how Nāgārjuna’s philosophy relates to the soteriological practices of Buddhism and what it means for those practices to be "empty" of inherent nature. Rather than describing Nāgārjuna as a metaphysician this study will situate him squarely within the early Mahāyāna tradition and the philosophical problem of practice that is expressed through the doctrine of “skill-in-means” (upāya-kauśalya). It should become evident in what follows that the doctrine of upāya has little in common with Western metaphysics. It is unconcerned with problems regarding causality, personal identity, consciousness, logic, language, or any other issues that are unrelated to specific problems surrounding the nature and efficacy of Buddhist practice. Given that every major tradition in Buddhism stresses the indispensable nature of practice, it is highly unlikely that Nagarjuna’s philosophy is concerned with metaphysical issues or that his doctrine of “emptiness” can be separated from the soteriological practices of Buddhism.Sep 22, 2013
12_Anthology_web.pdfVolume 12. Anthology of Stele Inscriptions1078 viewsAnthology of Stele Inscriptions of eminent Buddhist monks.Sep 03, 2012
11_Exposition_web.pdfVolume 11. Exposition of the Sutra of Brahma's Net1339 viewsExposition of the Sutra of Brahma's Net.Sep 03, 2012
10_Culture_web.pdfVolume 10. Korean Buddhist Culture1018 viewsAccounts of a pilgrimage, monuments, and eminent monks.Sep 03, 2012
1_Preface_Collected_Works_Korean-Buddhism.pdfPreface to Collected Works of Korean Buddhism1203 viewsPreface to the Collected Works of Korean BuddhismSep 03, 2012
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