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M19_Dukkha1.mp3Dukkha (Part 1)1356 viewsCollection of Dhamma Talks in America: Dukkha
(Part 1) (40 mins)
M20_Dukkha2.mp3Dukkha (Part 2)1285 viewsCollection of Dhamma Talks in America: Dukkha (Part 2) (35 mins)
Way-it-is-by-ajahn-sumedho.pdfThe Way It Is 2677 viewsThis book contains a collection of teachings of Ajahn Sumedho given to people who are familiar with the conventions of Theravada Buddhism and have some experience of meditation. Most of the chapters are edited from talks given during retreats for lay people for Ajahn Sumedho's monastic (ordained) disciples, so they require some careful attention and are best read in sequence. In many of these talks Ajahn Sumedho expounds on the uniquely Buddhist expression of 'not-self' (anatta). He maintains this to be the Buddha's way of pointing to the experience of Ultimate Reality that is the goal of many religions. During the monastic retreats Ajahn Sumedho frequently teaches the Dependent Origination paticca-samuppada based on the approach of anatta. The Dependent Origination traces the process whereby suffering (dukkha) is compounded out of ignorance (avijja) and conversely suffering is eliminated (or rather not created) with the cessation of ignorance. Just as anatta -- not-self -- is the expression of Ultimate Truth.
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