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Image search results - " paticcasamuppada"
File03_The_middle_way.mp3The Middle Way1085 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

Tonight we begin our examination of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Turning the dharma wheel), the Buddha's first recorded teaching, delivered to his five ascetic companions. He has found a strategy to communicate the dharma, which he calls the "middle way" (majjhima pa?ipada). What is the middle way, and how does the Buddha communicate it? And what does "turning the wheel" refer to?

We also preview the four truths, how their basic structure reveals the Buddha’s dynamic vision of dependent arising (paticcasamuppada).
M07_PaticcaSamuppada1.mp3Paticca Samuppada (Part 1)1849 viewsCollection of Dhamma Talks in America: Paticca Samuppada (Part 1)
(44 mins)
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