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09_Seon_Poems_web.pdfVolume 9. Seon Poems: Selected Works1662 viewsSeon Poems: Selected Works.
Jotika_no_home.mp3I Have No Home 1332 viewsThe talk was based on some verses from an old anonymous Samurai poem, which served as a launching point into some beautiful Dhamma. The verses referred to: I have no parents; I make the Heavens and the Earth my parents. / I have no home; I make mindfulness my home. / I have no life or death; I make the tides of breathing my life and death. / I have no divine power; I make honesty my divine power. / I have no friends; I make my mind my friend. / I have no castle; I make the immovable mind my castle. / I have no sword; I make absence of self my sword.
lightasia.pdfThe Light of Asia (Text Only)1619 viewsIn the sumptuous Buddhist literature of the world, The Light of Asia, by Sir Edwin Arnold, is without any doubt, a unique work. It is primarily because, this is the only original poem written in English on the Buddha, throughout the long history of Buddhism. This distinction is quite necessary to be established, because there are translations of original Pali works into English and other languages. Some of these are outstanding instances of spiritual poetry. Sir Edwin Arnold, the Author of this epic poem, was initially persuaded to compose this sacred work, as a result of his deep and abiding desire to aid in the better and mutual understanding between East and West.
sujivapoems.pdfWind in the Forest2517 viewsThis book is a unique collection of poems, write-ups, illustrations and photos. In Venerable Sujiva's sincere and heartfelt writings, readers may find many touching incidents related by him in his many years of teaching. They will also come to understand him, his compassion and loving-kindness as well as the Dhamma by simply flowing with his pen.
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