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Image search results - "Cambodian"
gqga_khamer.pdfGood Question, Good Answer (Cambodian)1972 viewsKhmer (Cambodian) edition of Ven. Dhammika's Good Question, Good Answer. Translator: Bhikkhu S. Vodano.
thai_cambodian_art.pdfThai-Cambodian Culture - Relationship through Arts1238 viewsThailand and Cambodia are very close neighbours with common borders and cultural relations. The Thai people received and adopted some arts and culture from ancient Cambodia. The pre-Thai scripts and spoken words were adopted from Khmer native language. The development of Cambodian arts can be seen in the Thai art of the Lopburi period (11th to 15th century A.D.) It was occupied by the Khmers and as such the art of this period is known locally as Khmer art which deals with Mahayana elements.
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