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Image search results - "Happiness"
10_ways_of_making_merit.pdfTen Ways of Making Merit4087 viewsThe Buddha taught that merit-making is a formidable antidote to overcome the many vicissitudes faced in our day-to-day lives. Hence He declared: ‘Do not fear merit-making. “Merit-making” is a term denoting happiness, what is desirable, pleasant, dear and charming. For I recall in my mind very well that after making merit for a long time, I experienced desirable, pleasant, dear and charming results for a long time. Let therefore a man train himself in merit-making that yields long-lasting happiness. Let him cultivate the practice of giving, virtuous conduct and a mind of metta. By cultivating these qualities the wise man arrives in untroubled and happy states.
Changing_the_Mind.mp3Changing the Mind2687 viewsChanging the Mind Broadcast Live at Women at Wisdom Lectures, San Francisco, CA September 3, 2002

"Human happiness and human satisfaction must ultimately come from within oneself." -- His Holiness Dalai Lama.
M15_PleasureHappiness1.mp3Pleasure and Happiness (Part 1)1075 viewsCollection of Dhamma Talks in America: Pleasure and Happiness (Part 1) (46 mins)
M16_PleasureHappiness2.mp3Pleasure and Happiness (Part 2)970 viewsCollection of Dhamma Talks in America: Pleasure and Happiness (Part 2) (47 mins)
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