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01_Metta_Meditation.mp32. Metta Meditation - Loving-kindness1242 viewsMetta Meditation Instructions
03Basic_Instructions.pdfBasic Instructions for Vipassana Meditation 3617 viewsFrom the beginning and throughout the practice sessions the strategies and fundamentals of Vipassana meditation will be given so that you become well established in the essentials of the techniques involved. Then it is important that the meditator understands the practice in its context. So a frame of reference is necessary, in the form of a framework to the practice as given by the Buddha in his teaching in the Satipatthana Sutta or the discourse on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
04_Basic-instructions.mp3(4) The Basic Instructions2848 viewsThe Basic Instructions are given in four areas of practice: formal sitting, awareness of movement in walking, and clear comprehension during ones daily activities.
3.mp3Basic Instructions777 viewsPracticing Vipassana 03: The Basic Instructions
Day03Vipassana_InstructionPart_1.MP3Vipassana Instruction (Part 1)1596 viewsDay Three: part 1: Vipassana Meditation Instruction given at the 2009 10-day Vipassana Retreat at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery, Australia.
Day03Vipassana_InstructionPart_2.MP3Vipassana Instruction (Part 2)1717 viewsDay Three: part 2: Vipassana Meditation Instruction given at the 2009 10-day Vipassana Retreat at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery, Australia.
mahasit1.pdfPractical Vipassana Exercises6221 viewsThe late Mahasi Sayadaw was responsible for the modern revival of Vipassana or Insight meditation in Myanmar (Burma). This text is his basic instruction on the practice: the preparatory stages with a series of basic exercises. Part two, deals with the deals with the progressive practice and the practical vipassana exercises. The appendix explains the techniques involved in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition.
med-guided2.pdfGuided Meditation for Primary Students3998 viewsBuddhaNet's Buddhist Studies for Schools

This is a series of guided meditations with instruction for teachers for primary students. This file is part of BuddhaNet's Buddhist Studies for Schools. It has seven guided meditations for students, with detailed instructions for teachers.
TowardsAnInnerPeace-VF11p.pdfTowards an Inner Peace2963 viewsIn Towards an Inner Peace, Venerable Dhammajiva instructs yogis to progress by developing continuous mindfulness and deep concentration. He takes yogis through a journey, which progressively leads to the development of vipassana insights. His step by step instructions provide an invaluable theroretical basis to confront and embrace the challenges along the path to attain a state of path and fruition consciousness.
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