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Top rated - Vipassana & Loving-kindness Meditation
Insight_Meditation.mp3Insigt Meditation Explained1056 viewsA talk explaining Insight Meditation55555
(2 votes)
02_Metta_Meditation.mp31. Metta Meditation - Loving-kindness1379 viewsIntroduction to the Practice of Metta Meditation55555
(2 votes)
Loving-kIndness_Meditation.mp3Loving-kindness Meditation1134 viewsLoving-kindness Meditation, Metta Bhavana55555
(3 votes)
File02_(AM)_Introducing_Mahasi_method.mp3Introducing Mahasi Method2047 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

Today we introduce the method of meditation we are practising during this retreat. Yesterday morning we just brought a sense of open curiosity to the examination of mind/body experience. This morning we are applying system to this investigation, stimulating what the Buddha calls yoniso manasikara, “appropriate attention.” We do this through the meditation method created by Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma (1904-1982), which is structured by his division of experience into primary and secondary object, along with the fundamental activities of noting, naming and noticing.
(8 votes)
x66.mp3Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life799 viewsA basic skill in Vipassana meditation is to acquire the ability to give full and sustained attention or mindfulness to what you are doing as you are doing it; yet we rarely, if ever, give anything our full attention, at best it is just partial attention. While most practitioners can establish mindfulness in the supportive conditions of a retreat the challenge then is to integrate mindfulness into daily life.44444
(2 votes)
Day04_5FacultiesPart_1.MP35 Faculties (Part 1)1654 viewsDay Four: Part 1: Dhamma Talk on The 5 Faculties (Indriyas) given at the 2009 10-day Vipassana Retreat at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery, Australia.44444
(7 votes)
track02_four-noble-truths.mp3(02) Vipassana Meditation Retreat1322 viewsTrack02 The Four Noble Truths - 10 Vipassana Retreat Talks, by Sayadaw U Janaka (6/12/2003)
The second evening talk during an intensive Vipassana (Insight) meditation retreat in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition of Burma, by the abbot and Meditation Master of Chanmyay Meditation Centre, Yangon, Myanmar.
(5 votes)
File04_(AM)_Contemplating_elements.mp3Contemplating the Elements1039 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Monastery (2009)

The foundation of satipatthana (establishing mindfulness) is the tracking (anupassana), or contemplation, of our experience of body. As we remain present to physical experience over time, we learn to drop beneath our concepts of body to its direct, sensual impact. What we normally take to be “my body” becomes, as we go deeper, different manifestations of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.
(3 votes)
05_Working-with-thinking-pain.mp3(5) Working with Thinking and Pain2459 viewsWorking with Thinking and Pain in meditation, explains how to relate to pain and the ability to handle the "Thinking Mind" skilfully.44444
(13 votes)
File01_At_Bodh_Gaya.mp3At Bodh Gaya1251 viewsPatrick Kearney's Vipassana Retreat Talk at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery (2009)

Tonight we look at the Buddha's activities during the weeks immediately after his awakening. We see him as a powerful shaman, and how he wrestled with the question of whether or not he should attempt to communicate his awakening. It took the intervention of Brahma Sahampati to persuade him to teach. Why was the Buddha so reluctant? And what does his reluctance tell us about the dharma he wanted to teach — and about himself?
(2 votes)
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