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ShosaimyoKichijo.pdfSHO-SAI-MYO KICHIJO DARANI 消災妙吉祥神呪623 views[The]-Extinguishing-[of]-Disasters-[with]-Wonderful-Luck-[of]-Good-fortune-Goddess-(Lakśmī)-Devotion (Dharanī), or Dharanī for Removing Disasters, and: Jvāla Mahāugra Dhāranī
[The] Blazing Great-Reversing-[of]-Terrible-[Events] Dhāranī
(1 votes)
04_Hwaom_I_web.pdfVolume 4. Hwaom 1 The Mainstream Tradition1064 viewsA Collection of Korean Buddhism in English. It's translated and compiled by great Scholars including Robert Buswell.22222
(1 votes)
Bonsho.pdfBONSHO1402 viewsText for Bowing to Bonsho, un-role mat, do x3 Prostrations.22222
(2 votes)
Nagarjuna.pdfNāgārjuna and the Philosophy of Upāya1586 viewsThe purpose of this article is to offer a different account of Nagarjuna than is found in contemporary Western scholarship. It will not ask what it means for causality, truth, the self, or consciousness to be "empty" in a very general sense, but rather how Nāgārjuna's philosophy relates to the soteriological practices of Buddhism and what it means for those practices to be "empty" of inherent nature. Rather than describing Nāgārjuna as a metaphysician this study will situate him squarely within the early Mahayana tradition and the philosophical problem of practice that is expressed through the doctrine of “skill-in-means” (upāya-kausalya).
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